Eureka Springs Ride

The Eureka Springs Meet, Greet, & Ride is set for the first weekend in June.
Make plans to be there June 3rd - 5th. 

Book your room early, as there will also be a Blues Fest going on that same weekend. Should be a great time all around.

The plan is to keep it very simple.  Let's get together and socialize, do a little ridings, and have a few brews.

Updated June 9, 2011

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Custom Raider
Rate is $54/night
(+ $5 for 3 or more in a room)

Booking Code
"Raider Group”
cutoff date is May 15th
1876 Inn & Restaurant
2023 E Van Buren
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

P. 800-643-3030

1876 Inn
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Eureka Springs Ride
The Unofficial Ride Guide

Eureka Springs Ride Maps
   - Courtesy of Rajder

Thanks for the Memories

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made the trek to the Meet, Greet and, Ride. It was a great group of guys and gals and I enjoyed seeing some old friends and making some new ones. My hats off to you folks who made the trip from as far away as Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Texas and Florida. I still can’t believe Flipper and his better half rode all the way from Nashville TN on the stock seat!! Dam man, my wife couldn’t last 30 miles on back when I had the stock seats and my rear went numb after about an hour. I also wanted to thank Rjader and his gang (brother and dad) for leading our Saturday ride to War Eagle and on to the Cliff Side café for lunch. Great ride.

The hotel worked out well and the staff was good to us for sure. It was great having the hotel owner show up at our party on the deck Friday night and take a few shots of Tequila with us. She is a pretty cool lady.

Anyway, there were no injuries or bike problems (and no one got arrested!) and I hope everyone had a good time. I know I did. The weather was a little warm, well, I guess it was actually hot which is unusual for this time of year.

Thanks again to a great group of riders. Check out the photos. If you have some you want to share, email them here.